Helix Carbon Fiber Propellers

VTL Talon

H40A / H60A -VTL- "Talon" Constant Speed Propeller

The Next [R]evolution in Propeller Technology

Aggressive Angle of Attack

The Talon is design with a forward angled blade tip, allowing it to slice through the air with minimal vortex interaction and aerodynamic noise.

Aerodynamic Curvature

Rather than a typical straight blade, the Talon features a curved blade, matching the incoming airflow, effectively increasing efficiency by reducing parasitic drag.

Rigid Construction

In order to achieve the unique geometry of the Talon propeller, we had to build it tough. We developed proprietary construction techniques to increase rigidity and reduce vibration. 

Efficiency. Redefined.

Why fight the wind when you can become one with it? With curves to match the incoming airflow, the VTL “Talon” makes the most out of every square inch of surface area. 

Rigid construction and an aggressive posture take aerodynamics to a whole new level.

Power at both ends.

The VTL “Talon” provides and optimal combination of efficient, high-speed cruising, and powerful take-off performance. 

VTL “Talon” gives an excellent performance while mounted on the Pipistrel Virus powered by the Rotax 912is
We tried to break it. VTL “Talon” survived endurance testing on our Rotax 915is testbench.
Early trial runs showed that the VTL “Talon” was right at home pulling a Comco Ikarus C42

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