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33 years of flight

Turning a passion for flying into a powerhouse of quality and innovation

Beginning in 1990 with little more than a passion for flying and an idea, Helix has quickly grown into a powerhouse of quality and innovation. We currently ship more than 10,000 propellers annually worldwide and service a variety of industries.


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Research & Development

Coupe Icare 2024

The largest free-flight festival in the world is coming, and we’ll be there!

Introducing the VTL "Talon"

Find out how Helix is disrupting the propeller industry with a revolution in constant-speed propeller technology.


You’ll be sure to see our propellers at the world’s largest aviation expo! 

When Adventure Calls

Helix is here to answer the call with performance and the peace of mind that only the best can bring. Reach for the horizon. Helix will get you there.

No Compromise

Years of research combined with state of the art techniques and a love for aviation has made Helix stand out as the “go-to” producer of super strong, light weight propellers and rotors.

Power, Control, Freedom

These three words can mean almost anything to anyone, but to a paramotorist, they mean everything. As a dedicated partner in the paramotoring world, Helix has long provided the best propellers in a variety of configurations to get you the most out of those three words.


For Precision and Excellence

We are proud to maintain a tradition of craftmanship throughout our line of propellers. From beginning to end, our propellers are individually constructed and finished by hand.

Thrust: in 3 Dimensions

Helix is proud to be working together with manufacturers of multicopter and eVTOL vehicles for both civilian and military applications. Our propellers and rotor systems are helping to power the cutting edge of computer-aided flight.

Founded in Technology

Grounded in Tradition

From the virtual drawing board to precision testing equipment: the production timeline of every single Helix propeller is accompanied by cutting edge technology, ensuring the smoothest possible flying experience.

Virtual becomes Reality

All of our propellers are designed by skilled engineers. With the help of CAD and advanced simulations, we are able to begin testing even before the propeller sees the light of day.

Here be Nerds...

We love numbers almost as much as we love flying. We do everything possible to ensure that each new propeller meets or exceeds every theoretical demand before any production begins. 

Ready to get Airborn?

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1000+ Propellers

The perfect fit for any aircraft.

0.75m to 2.8m

We go big. We go small.

Fixed & Variable

Hydraulic, electric, and ground adjustable

Huge Capacity

Up to 100,000 Propellers / Year

Ultralight, Gyro, Paramotor- from complete propeller sets to individual nuts and bolts- it’s all here!

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European Aviation Safety Agency Part 21G Certification

European Aviation Safety Agency
Part 21G Certification